Why You Don’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your Home  

Trees are a gem. They help the ecosystem and the environment; they help us breathe fresher air, and their greens help in reducing stress hormones. There is no question why people, both in residential and commercial areas like to keep them nearby. However, when it comes to maintaining trees within your property, you should know some important things including especially where to put them. There are a few things you need to be informed about to ensure your family’s safety. We will share with you today some important reasons why you don’t plant your trees too close to your house.   

Trees can cause hazards and damage in ways you don’t expect, so take the following as seriously as possible before deciding to plant a few ones within your property. These include the following:  

  1. Big branches can damage your house’s exteriors – you invest in paint and some exterior exteriors only to have them scratched or damaged by growing branches. Thus, a good distance estimation can help when deciding where to plant those seedlings.   
  2. Poorly planted trees can cause clogged gutters and road damage – when trees shed, dead branches and leaves fall and may clog the gutters, affecting drainage and resulting in water pooling. Water pooling, along with many factors, affects the roof’s structure in general. Additionally, nearby trees pose direct damage to the roofs themselves. Limbs can fall off and may cause cuts and holes in the roof; leaves can decay on the roof resulting in molds and damage, and bigger branches may wind up to your roof during storms that may cause heavy damage to it. All of these imply expensive maintenance and repair costs.   
  3. Tree roots can pose threats to your house’s foundation – trees can be gigantic, depending on their variety. However, one thing is for sure: although not as gigantic as wild trees in the forest, they have roots bigger than what you expect and can see on the surface. The roots will spread underneath the soil in different directions, even to the direction where your house stands. This causes structural and foundation damage that potentially leads to you redoing your house. Moreover, roots can cause damage to driveways and sidewalks. Make sure you have long-term plans on hand when you choose to grow a tree within your property to foresee future house projects.   
  4. Trees may cause deaths – to put it bluntly, dead trees can kill as they fall off with no prior notice. They are unpredictable and can fall even there is no existing storm in the area. Protect your loved ones or neighbors from accidents and immediately remove dead trees as soon as possible. Call tree service Daly City CA as soon as you notice some tree damage. Do not compromise safety over convenience and aesthetics.   


Larger trees that can grow as high as 70 feet or more need to be planted 20 feet away from home. Medium trees that can grow below 70 feet should be planted 15 feet away from home. Any trees smaller than 30 feet can be planted 10 feet away from home.